H29年度 大学院学生向け Aセメスター履修登録/AY 2017 Register the class on A semester for graduate school student

学生向けお知らせ 2017/10/19


履修登録期間:2017年11月20日(月) ~2017年12月1日(金)
履修科目控の提出 : 12月8日(金) 13:30締切(郵送も同日)

AY 2017 Register the class on A2tarm・Wtarm
Registration Term: November 20(Mon)-December 1(Fri)

Due for submission of copied registration form: December 8(Fri)13:30p.m.
(We also accept it by the post.)
Place for submission:Report Box in Dept. of Physics



履修登録期間:2017年9月25日(月) ~2017年10月6日(金)
Registration Term: September 25(Mon)-October 6(Fri)
履修科目控の提出 :  10月12日(木) 13:30締切(郵送も同日)

Due for submission of copied registration form:October 12(Thu)13:30p.m.
(We also accept it by the post.)
Place for submission:Report Box  in Dept. of Physics

Be aware that system can not accept after the period. You are also expected to register your compulsory subject every year as well.

① 履修したい科目を考え、指導教員に相談して決める
Students must take courses following their academic advisors' instructions and receive necessary research instructions for them.

② Utasにログインをして、履修登録をしてください。  (”その他”からマニュアルを参照)
Log-in the Utas and register your courses online on it.

③ 履修科目がある場合:科目を登録した後に「履修科目控出力」ボタンから印刷
Case for having registration: After completing your registration, click on "Output copy of courses registered" botton.
→All graduate school student needs to register "compulsory subject"  at S semester.
*See below for  compulsory subject.

④ ③で印刷したものに指導教員の署名と捺印をもらう
After printed out the sheet at ③, approach your academic advisor to obtaion their sign and seal on it as a confirmation.

⑤ 物理教務にある、レポートボックスへ提出
Submit it at the report box in Dept. of Physics.(we also accept it by the post.)

履修に際しての注意事項/Attention for registered the class

・通年(必修)科目の一覧(ご参考)List of the compulsory subject (For your help) 
We provide compulsory subject for every grade and field(theoretical or experimental depends on your supervisor research field)  so you need to register every S-semester.

 M1  35603-2001 物理学特別演習 Ⅰ
Seminar in Theoretical Physics I
 35603-3001 物理学特別実験 Ⅰ
Experimental Research I
 M2  35603-2003 物理学特別演習 Ⅱ
Seminar in Theoretical Physics II
 35603-3002 物理学特別実験 Ⅱ
Experimental Research II
 D1  35603-2004 物理学特別演習 Ⅲ
Seminar in Theoretical Physics III
 35603-3003 物理学特別実験 Ⅲ
Experimental Research III
 D2  35603-2005 物理学特別演習 Ⅳ
Seminar in Theoretical Physics IV
 35603-3004 物理学特別実験 Ⅳ
Experimental Research IV
 D3  35603-2006 物理学特別演習 Ⅴ
Seminar in Theoretical Physics V
 35603-3005 物理学特別実験 Ⅴ
Experimental Research V


・他研究科との共通開講科目の履修を希望する場合 / For Common lecture with other graduate school
Following classes are common lecture with Graduate school of Science and Other graduate school.
Student belonging at graduate school of science are oblige to register the class code beginning at 35..., so that  class code do not share among the graduate school.

Class code
Name of the class
Graduate school common with
 35603-0079  量子情報物理
Quantum Information Physics
工学系研究科 物理工学専攻
Graduate school of Engineering,Department
of Applied Physics
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
 35603-0075  計算物理学
Computational Physics
 35603-0111  物質科学のための計算数理II
Numerical Analysis for Material Science II
 工学系研究科 物理工学専攻
Graduate school of Engineering,Department
of Applied Physics
 35603-0082  ナノ量子情報エレクトロニクス特論II
Nano Quantum Information Electronics II
35603-0113 場の量子論特論
Advanced Quantum Field Theory
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and
the College of Arts and Sciences

Your credit during master course  can transfer to doctoral course with requirements.
詳細はコチラ・See detail

Courses Available  at  Other Universities

※ 履修を希望する学生は、リンク先の情報に従い、対応すること
Intended universities:Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ochanomizu University, SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
※Students those who would like to register these class, please see details.


<学部との共通講義/Common lecture on undergraduate>
Graduate course student do not take common lecture class again in case you have already got it during undergraduate course.
Department of Physics decides undergraduate course credit as follows.

ただし、他学部・ 他学科の講義を含めて合計4単位までとし、指導教員の許可を必要とする。これは修士課程と博士課程に共通して適用される。


成績の確認先/Confirmation of your grade

Section in charge is different by kind of the class.

Class code beginning with 35603 charges at Student Affairs at the department of Physics.
Class code beginning except 35603, charges at Student Affairs of Graduate school of Science (Faculty of science building #1).

※ 成績に疑問がある場合は、教員に直接ではなく、まずは上の担当部署に申し出てください。
In case you would like to ask your grade, please visit us before asking professor directly.

連絡先 Contact Address

物理学専攻 教務事務室/Student Affairs of the Department of Physics
TEL : 03-5841-4221(Ext:24221)

関連リンク : 2016年度 教務室 重要
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