H29年度入学大院生対象:研究倫理教育の受講及び確認書Aの提出 / Study the educational content for Research Ethics and submit Form A (For graduate students enrolled in AY2017)

学生向けお知らせ 2017/12/12

It is an extract from the notification to graduate students.
If you are a graduate student, please visit Physics Academic Affairs Office to collect your CITI account.
Please note that ”Research Ethics” as a faculty subject of Department of Physics and the undermentioned educational course for research ethics are completely different.


受講対象学生と提出締切/Applicable students and Due date for submission

受講対象:平成29年9月入学 大学院学生全員(修士・博士等)
     CITI の修了証(e-Learning(CITI Japan)を受講の方のみ)


Applicable Students: All graduate students who were enrolled in September, 2017. (students in Master’s program, Doctoral program and so forth.)
Due date for Submission: 17:00, Tuesday, December 26, 2017.
Documents to be submitted: Confirmation Format A (should satisfy necessary requirements, i.e., it should have student’s own signature and is not acceptable if written in pencil.) The format is acceptable both in Japanese and English.
Submission of Course Completion Evidence: only applicable to those who completed e-learning (CITI Japan)
Please submit to: Physics Academic Affairs Office

If you are not able to submit it, e.g., while you are travelling abroad and so on, a submission by PDF file would be temporarily acceptable on the condition that a submission of the original document shall be made upon return to Japan.
For the students studying in other campuses than Hongo, if possible, we would ask for a direct submission to the office in the same way as Hongo students. However, in the case where a direct submission is difficult, only a submission by registered post is acceptable depending on the circumstances.

研究倫理教育の受講方法等/How to select the educational content for Research Ethics

「確認書書式A」を参照のうえ,教育コンテンツの選択肢から1つを選択し,受講又は通読する。なお,研究業務に従事している教員及び外部資金に応募する大学院学生(学振の特別研究員等)は,競争的資金等の応募の際,CITI の修了証番号の申請が必要となる場合があるので,CITI の受講を推奨します。
Please select one content out of the options among the educational contents by referring to “Confirmation Format A”, take the selected content or read it through. In addition, faculty members and staff who are engaged in research activity or graduate students who apply for external research funds (research fellows of JSPS and so on) may need to apply for an individual number of their completion certificate of CITI when applying for competitive funds. Thus, a completion of CITI course is recommended.


Contents to Study


Options of Educational Courses for Graduate Students
You may select one of the Educational Courses from below.




Educational Course for Research Ethics in general
(Including misconduct in the use of research funds)

(Ⅰ)e-Learning(CITI Japan)のAコース受講 
(English Version Available) 
Taking Course A-1 of e-Learning (CITI Japan) (English Version Available)*Procedures for taking Course A-1 of CITI

Reading JSPS’s “For the Sound Development of Science -The Attitude of a Conscientious Scientist- (English Version Available)

Watching MEXT’s YouTube Program (Japanese only)
(Japanese only)

*物理学専攻は、(I) CITI Japanを推奨します。
* Department of Physics recommend students to select (I) CITI Japan.
Your log-in account and password will be distributed by Physics Academic Affairs Office.

In case it is difficult to pay a direct visit to the office, please let us know your student ID number, grade and name by email.

注) 過去にe-Learning(CITI Japan)を受講した場合は,それをもって受講済とし,該当する確認書を提出しても良い
Note:) In case you already took e-Learning course (CITI Japan) in the past, you may be regarded as having completed the course by submitting the corresponding confirmation format.

問合せ先/Contact Details

理学系研究科物理学専攻 教務室
Physics Academic Affairs Office, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science

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