Inauguration of Next-Generation Neutrino Science Organization

News 2017/11/14

In order to promote the Hyper-Kamiokande project, Next-Generation Neutrino Science Organization (NNSO) was established by cooperation of Graduate School of Science, Institute of Cosmic Ray Research, and Kavli Institute for Physics and Mathematics of Universe. NNSO was inaugurated on November 8, 2017 in Kamioka, Gifu, Japan.
The Hyper-Kamiokande detector will be a successor of Super-Kamiokande with about one order of magnitude larger mass, and will enable us to expand our knowledge of elementary particles and the universe. From Department of Physics, Associate Professor Masashi Yokoyama (photo) has been playing a central role of the project as the Physics Coordinator and a member of Steering Committee. Also, many members of NNSO, including the director Prof. Takaaki Kajita, participate in the education in the Graduate School of Science. Faculty members, researchers and graduate students of Department of Physics will continue to participate in the research of neutrino through NNSO, producing world-leading science and cultivating young leaders for the next generation.

For more detail of inauguration ceremony, see the news on NNSO web page.

Next-Generation Neutrino Science Organization (NNSO)
Hyper-Kamiokande Project
Aihara-Yokoyama Group

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