Condensed matter experiment (A4)

Research Areas:
Electrons in solids, superconductivity, superfluidity, semiconductor physics, surface physics, strongly correlated electrons, magnetism, ultra-low temperature, non-crystalline solid/glass, non-equilibrium system
In the sub-course of condensed matter experiment (A4), we aim to explore the novel quantum phases formed by ensembles of electrons, atoms and molecules in materials, and to understand their properties microscopically. Our playgrounds include, for example, superconductivity, topological quantum phases, correlated electron systems, quantum magnetism and superfluid He. The development of new experimental probes such as advanced spectroscopy using photons from synchrotron orbital radiation and free electron lasers, and characterization under extreme conditions (ultra-low temperature, ultra-high magnetic field and ultra-high pressure) is also an important part of our activities.


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