Wide-field quantitative magnetic imaging of superconducting vortices using perfectly aligned quantum sensors

News 2023/09/16

Various techniques have been applied to visualize superconducting vortices, providing clues to their electromagnetic response. Here, we present a wide-field, quantitative imaging of the stray field of the vortices in a superconducting thin film using perfectly aligned diamond quantum sensors. Our analysis, which mitigates the influence of the sensor inhomogeneities, visualizes the magnetic flux of single vortices in YBa2Cu3O7−δ with an accuracy of ±10%. The obtained vortex shape is consistent with the theoretical model, and penetration depth and its temperature dependence agree with previous studies, proving our technique's accuracy and broad applicability. This wide-field imaging, which in principle works even under extreme conditions, allows the characterization of various superconductors.

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