Biophysics (A7)

Research Areas:
Biophysics (experiment), Biophysics (theory), Statistical mechanics, Computational physics & simulation, Mathematical and theoretical biology, Structural biology, Physical properties of proteins, Brain and neuroscience, Single-molecule biology, Bioinformatics
A living organism is a complex system consisting of many layers, but it is composed of physical and fundamental constituents. Therefore, it should be possible to understand the principles governing life by physics. From this viewpoint, biophysics aims for a general integrated understanding of biological phenomena through the methodologies of physics, by resolving a living organism into its elements, such as molecules and cells, and by considering it as the system in which the elements interact with each other. The laboratories in the A7 subcourse are conducting theoretical and experimental research on the physics at many layers, such as molecules, supermolecules, cells, nerves, and brain.


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