Notice for New Students Enrolling in Autumn 2022

News 2022/10/05

New information will be updated here.

2022/10/05 Guidance PPT is uploaded.
2022/09/30 Guidance date is fixed.
2022/09/30 AY2022 Curriculum for the Graduate Course is linked.
2022/09/30 Graduate School Course Information 2022 is linked.
2022/09/15 The revised version of Japanese Language Course / Course outline is posted.
2022/09/06 Japanese Language Course / Course outline is posted.

Guidance for new students enrolled in Autumn 2022 / 2022年秋の新入生向けガイダンス

★Thank you for joining us today!★
Here is the document used during the Guidance.

It is going to be held online via Zoom. An invitation email was sent to the students concerned on 2022/09/30.
Date: 15:00~ JST, Wednesday, 5 October, 2023



Code of Research Ethics and Guidelines for Doctoral Dissertations
Student Support Office
AY2022 Curriculum for the Graduate Course look at the second timetable labeled "A".
Graduate School Course Information 2022/理学系研究科大学院履修案内(理学系HPへリンク)
 p.53~: Information for international students (ENG)/50ページ:留学生向けの情報(英語)
 p.17~: Courses of the Dept. of Physics (JP/ENG) /16ページ:物理学専攻の科目
Your UTokyo account will be provided when your enrollment is completed.
Health and Safety Guide/安全マニュアル
 Please make sure to read the Guide before research activities in your lab.
・School of Science account / SOSアカウント
 It is provided to each student.  It is to connect to our Wifi network service within the buildings of the Graduate School of Science.
Sub-Course Teaching Staff List / 副担当教員一覧表
・Medical Check-ups for Autumn Entry Students and Researchers/新入生向け健康診断の案内(保健センターへのリンク)
・Locations of automatic certificate issuing machines (Japanese only)/全学共通自動証明書発行機設置場所

Japanese Language Course/ 日本語教室

A language class will be provided for new international students in the Dept. of Physics every Thursday. An email will be sent to you if any of you are interested in and would like to join.

Japanese Course Outline 2022 - revised

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