Notice for New Students Enrolling in Autumn 2023

News 2023/10/04

>>New information
2024/02/01 Guidance document file (PDF) was deleted.
2023/10/04 PPT file for the Guidance is posted in PDF format.
2023/09/27 Zoom URL for the guidance is sent by email.
2023/09/13 Japanese Course Outline is posted.
2023/09/07 Guidance date is fixed.
2023/09/07 Japanese course schedule is fixed.
2023/08/18 International Student Handbook 2023 [PDF] - link is added in Reference.

Guidance for new students enrolled in Autumn 2023 / 2023年秋の新入生向けガイダンス

Thank you for joining the Guidance today!!! Here is the PPT file (PDF) used in the meeting.

A guidance is going to be held online. Basic information about the academic life in the Dept. of Physics will be explained. The Zoom URL will be sent by email. → sent on 23/09/27

Date: 15:00~, Wednesday, 4 October, 2023


AY2023 Curriculum for the Graduate Courses: Timetable "A" is for the autumn semester.
Graduate School Course Information 2023/理学系研究科大学院履修案内(理学系HPへリンク)
 p.58~ (PDF page number): Information for international students (ENG)/58ページ:留学生向けの情報(英語)
 p.22~ (PDF page number): Courses of the Dept. of Physics (JP/ENG) /22ページ:物理学専攻の科目
International Student Handbook 2023 (JP/ENG)
Your UTokyo account will be provided when your enrollment is completed.
Health and Safety Guide/安全マニュアル
 Please make sure to read the Guide before research activities in your lab.
・School of Science account / SOSアカウント
 It will be provided to each student after enrollment. /各学生別にお渡しします。
Sub-Course Teaching Staff List / 副担当教員一覧表
・Medical Check-ups for Autumn Entry Students and Researchers/新入生向け健康診断の案内(保健センターへのリンク)
Code of Research Ethics and Guidelines for Doctoral Dissertations
Student Support Office
・Locations of automatic certificate issuing machines (Japanese only)/全学共通自動証明書発行機設置場所

Japanese Language Course/ 日本語教室

A language class will be held on every Thursday.

Time: 12:30 - 14:45
Date: 12 October ~ 18 January, 2024, every Thursday
Venue: Faculty of Science Bldg.1, Hongo Campus (subject to change)

Japanese Course Outline 2023

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