Novel Coronavirus infection Disease Related Information(1/20 updated)

News 2021/07/12

Contact information in case of infection or suspected infection

[Students]Student Affairs Office, School of Science 03-5841-4008 (ext. 24008)
[Staff]General Affairs Group, General Affairs Section 03-5841-4570 (ext. 24570)
(Please contact by email on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.)

*All students and staff in the Dept. of Physics are required to contact the Dept offices as well.
[Students]Physics Academic Affairs Office 03-5841-8866 (ext. 28866)
[Staff]Physics General Affairs Office 03-5841-4050 (ext. 24050)

Please refer to the following for the latest support:

To members of the Department of Physics

To students of the Graduate School of Science / Faculty of Science

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