Electrical manipulation of a topological antiferromagnetic state

News 2020/04/30

A research group including Research Associate Tomoya Higo, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Hanshen Tsai at The Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), University of Tokyo, and Professor Satoru Nakatsuji at Department of Physics, ISSP, and Trans-scale Quantum Science Institute at the University of Tokyo, in cooperation with Associate Professor Shinji Miwa and Professor Yoshichika Otani at ISSP, Senior Researcher Kondou Kouta at RIKEN, Research Associate Takuya Nomoto and Professor Ryotaro Arita at Department of Applied Physics at the University of Tokyo, succeed to electrically manipulate the topological relativistic quasi-particles, Weyl fermions, in an antiferromagnet, and demonstrate a way to use the large voltage signal due to Weyl fermions for making advanced non-volatle memory devices.

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