Circularly polarized vacuum ultraviolet coherent light generation using a square lattice photonic crystal nanomembrane

News 2020/07/21

Fig. Scheme of the circularly polarized VUV THG using a PCN.

Assistant Professor Kuniaki Konishi (IPST), Professor Junji Yumoto and Professor Makoto Gonokami (current President) searched for a substance that can directly convert circularly polarized light with a wavelength that humans perceive as visible light into circularly polarized light with a short wavelength in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) region, and discovered that a thin membrane with nano-sized holes in equidistant square lattices could be used for the first time (Fig.).
It was also found that circularly polarized VUV coherent light with converted wavelength can be used for applications such as spectroscopy with sufficient intensity

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