Extraordinary Magnetic Response of an Anisotropic 2D Antiferromagnet via Site Dilution

News 2023/12/14

A prominent characteristic of 2D magnetic systems is the enhanced spin fluctuations, which reduce the ordering temperature. We report that a magnetic field of only 1000th of the Heisenberg superexchange interaction can induce a crossover, which for practical purposes is the effective ordering transition, at temperatures about 6 times the Néel transition in a site-diluted two-dimensional anisotropic quantum antiferromagnet. Such a strong magnetic response is enabled because the system directly enters the antiferromagnetically ordered state from the isotropic disordered state, skipping the intermediate anisotropic stage. The underlying mechanism is achieved on a pseudospin-half square lattice realized in the [(SrIrO3)1/(SrTiO3)2] superlattice thin film that is designed to linearly couple the staggered magnetization to external magnetic fields by virtue of the rotational symmetry-preserving Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction. Our model analysis shows that the skipping of the anisotropic regime despite finite anisotropy is due to the enhanced isotropic fluctuations under moderate dilution.

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