DAIKIN Fellowship Program in Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo

     We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for DAIKIN Fellowship. It aims to promote collaborative research and support top-class graduate students as part of the activities in the endowed course at Institute for Physics of Intelligence (ipi) established by DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, Ltd. 
     Every year, one graduate student is selected from the first year of master course, and is hired as DAIKIN Fellow. DAIKIN Fellows are provided with scholarships and research expenses from the time of hiring until the completion of the third year of the doctoral course.


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Fellowship Eligible Students

  1. Eligible students:
    Those who are motivated to create a new discipline that fuses physics and artificial intelligence and who are seeking a doctoral degree, and who meet the following;
    (1) First year of master course in Dep. of Physics.
    (2) In principle, graduate students who belong to WINGS program, e.g., FoPM, IGPEES, FMSP, GSGC, MERIT, and so on.
    (3) Those who continue their activities as WINGS program students even after being hired as DAIKIN Fellow.
    [Caution] Those who are hired as Fellows will not be able to receive fellowships from other companies while enrolled in graduate school, even if they resign this fellowship.
  2. Number of student to be hired: 1student
  3. Submission Period: closed
  4. Appointment Period:  until the completion of WINGS program
  5. Scholarships and research expenses:
    200,000 JPY/mo. for master course students
    280,000 JPY/mo. for doctor course students
    ・Research expenses
    500,000 JPY/year for the first year of master course
    1,000,000JPY/year for the four years from the second year of master course to the third year of doctor course
    #If you are hired as JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1 / DC2), you will receive a scholarship (80,000 JPY / mo.) as DAIKIN Fellow in addition to JSPS Fellow Stipend. In that case, research funds will not be paid from DAIKIN Fellowship, but additional support will be provided when needed.
  6. Duty as a Fellow:
    (1) Fully understand the purpose of the WINGS program to which you belong and the rules such as registration requirements and cooperate with the program activities in exactly same way as other students in the WINGS program.
    (2) Report research activities at a meeting with DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, Ltd.
    (3) Apply for JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1 / DC2).
  7. Fellow selection announcement and recruitment procedure:
    (1) Fellow selection results will be announced via e-mail around noon on Wed. December 10, 2021.
    (2) For the recruitment procedure, the necessary documents will be sent by the e-mail. The selected student must submit the required documents by noon on Monday December 20, 2020. If he/she does not submit it by the deadline, it will be treated as if he/she declined the offer.
  8. Application documents:
    (1) Resume (including the following information: name, date of birth, contact information, name of your academic supervisor, name of your WINGS program if you belong to one of those)
    (2) Research activities and achievements to date (presentation papers, conference presentations, awards, etc.) (free format, about 1 page of A4 paper)
    (3) Research proposal on the creation of a new academic discipline that fuses physics and artificial intelligence (free format, about 2 pages of A4 paper)
    (4) Letter of opinion from your academic supervisor: Your academic supervisor is kindly requested to upload it to the designated URL (see 9 below). The letter form can be downloaded from HERE. [closed]
  9. Web pages for application: 
    ・for Resume / Research activity and achievement / Research proposal from HERE. [closed]
    ・for Letter of Opinion of the academic supervisor from HERE. [closed]
  10. Contact information:
    DAIKIN Fellowship Program Office at ipi
    Email address: ipi_admin "at" phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Please change at to @) 

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