Past Seminars

 Institute for Physics of Intelligence

ipi seminar Dec. 27, 2023

Tomoki Fukai

「Graphical information representations in associative memory models」

ipi seminar Dec. 12, 2023

Makoto Uemura
(Hiroshima University)

「Data Science in Astronomy and Observation of Galactic Transients」

ipi seminar Dec. 5, 2023

Toshihiro Ota
(Cyber Agent AI Lab)

「Hopfield/Mixer correspondence: towards a better understanding of MetaFormers architecture design」

ipi seminar Nov. 21, 2023

Liu Ziyin
(The University of Tokyo)

「Understand and analyze deep learning through the lens of symmetry」

ipi seminar July 21, 2023

Hayata Yamasaki 
(The University of Tokyo)

「Quantum Ridgelet Transform: Winning Lottery Ticket of Neural Networks with Quantum Computation」

ipi seminar June 9, 2023

Akifumi Okuno 
(The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)

「A Greedy and Optimistic Approach to Clustering with a Specified Uncertainty of Covariates」

ipi seminar May 29, 2023

Keiichi Tamai
(The University of Tokyo)
「Non-equilibrium phase transitions in artificial deep neural networks」

ipi seminar Jan. 17, 2023

(The University of Tokyo)
「Machine learning and robots change the way of our research」

ipi seminar Dec. 20, 2022

「Lattice QCD and Machine learning」

ipi seminar Dec. 8, 2022

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
「On the Role of Neural Collapse in Transfer Learning」

ipi seminar Nov. 24, 2022

(Kyoto University)
「Compressing neural networks by tensor networks」

ipi seminar Nov. 10, 2022

(Kyoto University)
「Deep learning and emergent spacetime」

ipi seminar Oct. 19, 2022

(The University of Tokyo)
「Deep Learning Application for Reconstruction of Large-Scale Structure of the Universe」

ipi seminar July 7, 2022

Kentaro MINAMI
(Preferred Networks)
「Deep Learning for Financial Applications」

ipi seminar May 26, 2022

Shinichiro AKIYAMA
(The University of Tokyo)
「Tensor renormalization group approach to quantum fields on a lattice」

ipi seminar Jan. 26, 2022

Quoc Hoan TRAN
(The University of Tokyo)
「Quantum Reservoir Computing - from Classical to Quantum Time Series Processing」

ipi seminar Jan. 11, 2022

(Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
「Statistical physics for the Bayesian statistical decision: an application to Group Testing」

ipi seminar Dec.16, 2021

(Meta AI)
「Effective Theory of Deep Neural Networks」

ipi seminar Nov.30. 2021

Shirley HO
(Princeton University)
「Interpreting (some) neural networks with symbolic regression」

ipi seminar Oct. 28, 2021

(Osaka University)
「Design space of a deep neural network - its spatial evolution and robustness」

ipi seminar July 13, 2021

(The University of Tokyo)
「Generalization Analysis of Deep Learning: Implicit Regularization and Over-parameterization」

ipi seminar June 9, 2021

Lenka Zdeborova
「Understanding machine learning via exactly solvable models」

ipi seminar May 27, 2021

Nobuyuki Yoshioka
(The University of Tokyo)
「Encoding many-body quantum physics into neural networks」

ipi seminar April 22, 2021

Masayuki Ohzeki
(Tohoku University)
「Quantum annealing and its application for practical problems」

ipi seminar January 9, 2020

Themis Palpanas
(Paris Descartes University)
「Scalable Machine Learning on Large Sequence Collections」

ipi seminar December 5, 2019

Gentiane Venture
(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Vincent Hernandez (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology & Surfclean)
「Deep learning for human activity recognition」

ipi seminar October 17, 2019  Ziyin Liu
(The University of Tokyo, Department of Physics)
Careful Deep Learning: Learning to Abstain by Training on A Simple Loss Function
ipi seminar October 11, 2019  Hidenori Tanaka 
(Stanford University)
From deep learning to mechanistic understanding in neuroscience: the structure of retinal prediction
ipi seminar September 5, 2019  Shreya Sharma
(Data Science Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation)
「Deep learning in remote sensing」
・ipi seminar August 8, 2019  Denny Wu
(University of Toronto & Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence )
「Generalization of two-layer neural networks: an asymptotic view」
・ipi seminar July 8, 2019  kensuke Kobayashi
(Institute for Physics of Intelligence )
「Fluctuations in Mesoscopic Systems」
 ・ipi seminar June 6, 2019  Masato Shirasaki
(National Astronomical Observatory Japan (NAOJ))
「De-noising image of cosmic large-scale structure with deep learning」 
・ipi seminar April 24, 2019 Shiro Ikeda 
(The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
「スパースモデリングと Event Horizon Telescope によるブラックホール撮像」
 ・ipi seminar April 4, 2019 Tarin Clanuwat 
(Center for Open Data in the Humanities, National Institute of Informatics)
「Pre-modern Japanese Kuzushiji Character Recognition with Deep Learning」
・ipi seminar March 7, 2019 Shotaro (Shiba) Funai
(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST))
「Renomalization, Thermodynamics, and Feature Extraction of Machine Learning」

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