令和2年3月博士課程修了/ for completing Doctor's Degree in March 2019

The following information is for students who wish to complete your degree on 23 March, 2019.

学位申請者≪課程博士≫の手引き/Submission guidelines for diploma applicants update;2019/10/15
論文の本文を書く言語の選択/The language of your dissertation (Japanese / English)
理学系研究科の論文提出期間/Submission period for dissertations to the GSS
  * 学位記記載事項確認/Confirmation of the "Diploma Registration Certificate"
  * 「進路状況調査」への回答/"Exit Survey of Post-Graduation Plans"  update2019/12/11
理学系研究科受付後、物理学専攻締切/The deadline for the Dept. of Physics comes after the reception at the GSS
博士論文審査会 発表スケジュール/Dissertation defense committee schedule update;2019/12/16
論文の審査に合格した方へ/ For students whose dissertation passed the defense
学位記授与式/ Commencement ceremony
 * 「理学系研究科学位記伝達式の開催」通知/"The ceremony for the GSS commencement"  update;2020/03/03, 2020/3/9


Doctoral students who entered before April 1, 2017 and are scheduled to complete their degree on March 23, 2020.

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学位申請者≪課程博士≫の手引き/Submission guidelines for diploma applicants

メール送信日時:2019/10/15 (火) 9:48


Emailed on;2019/10/15 (Tue.) 9:48
The guidelines and electronic files of specific formats were sent to the students in the 3rd year of doctoral program by email.
If any of you have not received it yet, please contat the Physics Academic Affairs Office.

-Only the "Letter of Consent and Acceptance" format is available in English. For others, use Japanese formats.

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論文の本文を書く言語の選択/The language of your dissertation (Japanese / English)


Deadline:October 16 (Wed.)
Register from the enquate function by UTAS.
In accordance to the decision with your academic supervisor, advise us in which language you write your doctoral dissertation.
If you write in English, no registration is necessary.
If you write in Japanese, please fill in your student ID number and your name in the URL and send it to us.

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理学系研究科の論文提出期間/Submission period for dissertations to the GSS

提出期間 12月17日(火)~12月19日(木)まで【締切厳守】
受付時間 午前9:30~11:30/午後1:30~4:30

To the GSS HP
Submission period: December 17 (Tue.) - December 19 (Thu.), 2020 (no later than the deadline)
Office hour: AM9:30 - 11:30 / PM13:30 - 16:30
-Please make sure that the title of your dissertation is spelled perfectly coincide (including single-and double-byte characters, marks, spacing, superscripts, and subscripts) on the cover and all other related documents.
-Students who failed to submit their dissertation during the period cannot complete in March.
Please make sure that the academic supervisor informs the Physics Academic Affairs Office to disban the defense committee by e-mail.

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* 学位記記載事項確認/Confirmation of the "Diploma Registration Certificate"

You will check it when you submit your disssertation to the Graduate School of Science.

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* 「進路状況調査」への回答/"Exit Survey of Post-Graduation Plans"

※ 物理教務事務室に立ち寄ることが難しい場合は、電子ファイルで送ります。

例) 35157001_本郷太郎_進路状況調査

※ 大学院(博士課程)に進む場合のコードは、
■4.Ⅰ回答欄 進路状況の回答 1
■ 4.Ⅰ) 名称欄 東京大学 理学系
※ UTASからも進路状況調査の登録ができます。


Deadline:January 29 (Wed.), 2020
Pick up the form from the Physics Academic Affairs Office.

*If it is difficult for you to come to the Office, an electronic file is also available.  Fill in this form.
The electonic file will be sent to you within three working days by email.
(The file consists of the Confirmation of Details given on the Diploma and the Exit Survey of Post-graduate Plans.)

Upload the file (PDF) here.
Name the title of the file as follows.
File Title: student number (8 digits), applicant's name, and “exitsurvey” e.g.) 35157001_HONGOTaro_exitsurvey

↓↓UTAS registration is not available now↓↓
or register information on UTAS
*The code number in case you go on to the Graduate School (doctoral program):
■4.I. Answer code for post-graduate plan; 1
■4.I. Institution Name; Faculty/Graduate SchoolofScience, the University of Tokyo
*The exit survey of post-graduate plans can be registered on UTAS.
In that case, no submission by paper nor digital file is necessary. 
For more detail, check here. (website of the School of Science)

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理学系研究科受付後、物理学専攻締切/The deadline for the Dept. of Physics comes after the reception at the GSS



The deadline to submit of the "Confirmation of the doctoral dissertation by the academic supervisor" to the Physics Academic Affairs Office is December 20 (Fri.).
→Dissertations must be submitted to the Physics Academic Affairs Office.
Thus, your academic supervisors may give you the Confirmation sheet to submit to us on behalf.
(Your academic supervisor has the format.)

You need to submit your dissertation to the Chair committee and Vice committees by December 25 (Wed.).
The Chair committee is required to confirm the receipt of dissertations to the Physics Academic Affairs Office by 23:59 pm, December 26 (Thu.).

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博士論文審査会 発表スケジュール/Dissertation defense committee schedule

*審査期間(予定):1月6日(月)~1月29日(水)/Defense period (scheduled) : January 6 (Mon.) ~ January 29 (Wed.), 2020
スケジュールのリンク/Schedule link

2時間の内訳 口頭による論文内容の説明:約40分

For presenters,
- Test equipments such as projectors in advance if they work properly.
- In case the venue is located in Room 414, 431 and 512 in Faculty of Science Bldg 1, the key of the rooms must be picked up from the Physics General Office (JIMU) in Room 234.

A defense committee is scheduled to be about 2 hours;
Presentation of the dissertation should be about 40 min.
Questions and answers should be about 20 min.
The rest of 60 min. is for closed-door defense discussion.

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論文の審査に合格した方へ/ For students whose dissertation passed the defense



ファイル名の例) 35157001_本郷太郎_要旨.pdf

Deadline:16:00 pm, February 28 (Fri.), 2020 (scheduled)
-Submission of the dissertation in full binding
-Link:to submit a doctorate thesis and thesis summary (electronic data)

<Files to upload>
All students-Summery of the dissertation ,The whole dissertation in PDF format
only corresponding students-Release version of the summery

<Electronic File Titles>
Please name the titles as follows.
In case of the summery of the dissertation: students ID number_your name_summery
E.g.) 35157001_HongoTaro_summery.pdf

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学位記授与式/ Commencement ceremony

* 東京大学 学位記授与式 →変更がありました(2020/3/5) 
Graduate date: March 23 (Mon.), 2020
* The University of Tokyo Diploma Presentation Ceremony (in Japanese only)  →important change update 2020/03/05

* 「理学系研究科学位記伝達式の開催」通知/"The ceremony for the GSS commencement"

開催通知のリンク →変更がありました2020/3/9
令和2年3月23日付 博士課程修了者 殿

ついては、下記のとおり学位記伝達式が行われます ので、ご案内いたします。
日時 : 令和2年3月23日(月) 午前11時00分~
場所 : 理学部1号館中央棟2階小柴ホール
注)10分前までに受付を済ませ、指示に従い着席して下さい。 席の指定は出席の回答のあった方のみとなります。
□出  席 します。
□欠  席 します。→ 学位記受領予定日      月     日
学生証番号 35-

*Notice of "The Ceremony for the GSS Commencement" → important change update 2020/3/9
Deadline: March 12, 2020 (Thursday) 12:00pm
Reply to:daigakuin.s[AT]gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp
All graduating students are required to advise whether you attend the ceremony by the following attendance form.
*All student ID cards will be collected.
Please make sure to bring your student ID card with you.
Ph.D. Recipients
               Graduate School Office,
               The Graduate School of Science,
                The University of Tokyo

The Ceremony for the GSS commencement - March 2020 (Notice)

You are cordially invited to the Ceremony for the GSS commencement - March 2020 as Doctoral degree is conferred as a result of the screening of your doctoral dissertation.

Date/Time : March 23 2020, Monday 11:00~
Venue  : Bldg.1 (Area C) Second Floor - Koshiba Hall
Note: Seats will only be assigned to those that has confirmed their participation. On the day of the commencement ceremony, attendees must register and be in their assigned seats by 10:50.

-------------------- Attendance Form--------------------------------
*Please confirm your participation with us by March 12, 2020 (Thursday) 12:00pm
The Ceremony for the GSS commencement - on March 23, 2020
□ Attending
□ Not Attending
Preferred date of degree reception   (mm/dd)
 (*If you will not be attending the commencement, please come to the Graduate School Office on your preferred date of degree reception with your seal/Japanese Hanko in order to receive your degree.)
Department Physics
StudentID 35-

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* 修了式における式服(アカデミックガウン)
レンタル・購入手続及び詳細等(東大生協ウェブサイト)  →キャンセル受付期間を延長 2020/03/06 update
東大生協本郷第二購買部 → アカデミックガウンレンタル・アカデミックガウン購入・卒業記念写真・卒業衣装(袴)の扱い 2020/03/06 update
平成31年3月25日付修了 課程博士/Complete the doctor degree on March 25, 2019

* Academic gown for University's ceremony
Outline and how-to dress academic gowns (UT website)
Rental/Purchase procedure (UT co-op website)
〔Contact Information〕
UTokyo co-op store No.2 (Hongo)

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