令和3年9月修士課程修了/ for completing Master's Degree in September 2021

学生向けお知らせ 2021/05/12

The following information is for students who intend to complete their degree on 24 September, 2021.

2021/7/7 対象者に個別のメールを送信しました。We sent out individual emails to the concerned students.
2021/7/5 最終版論文の提出期限を8月12日に変更しました。Final version submission deadline was changed to 12 August.

修士論文の提出要項/Submission guideline
論文を書く言語の申告(5月17日〆)/The language of your Master's thesis (Japanese / English)
博士課程進学を希望する学生/Students who intend to go on to doctoral programs
「学位記記載事項確認表」の配布/Confirmation of the "Diploma Registration Certificate"
「進路状況調査」の回答/Exit survey of post-graduation plans
修士論文審査会 発表スケジュール/Master's thesis defense schedule
学位記授与式/Diploma Presentation Ceremony

修士論文の提出要領/Submission guideline

提出期限:令和3年7月5日(月)17:00まで (期限厳守)
部数 :3部 (主査用1部・副査用2部)

最終版提出期限:令和3年8月12日(木)17:00まで (期限厳守)(7月5日変更)
提出先:物理教務事務室へ *指導教員に了承を得てから学生が提出してください(6月16日変更) 

修士論文最終版 作成要項;
・緑のフラットファイル (A4S)を使用
- 本文が英語の場合は英語の題目と改行のうえカッコ書き“( )”で日本語の題目を併記
- 本文が日本語の場合は日本語の題目と改行のうえカッコ書き“( )”で英語の題目を併記

Deadline: 17:00, Mon, 5 July 5, 2021
No submission is accepted after the deadline.
Submit to: your academic supervisor (Chair)
Number of copies: 3 copies (Chair 1/ vice committees 2)
*Formats are not required. Please contact your supervisor in advance to confirm how they would like to receive the thesis.

Final version submission deadline: 17:00, Thursday, 12 August (Changed on 5 July)
Submit to: PAAO  *Only after obtaining the approval of your supervisor. (Changed on 16 June)  
Number of copy required: one
*We accept the copy of the final version only when the titles on the cover, the spine and the first page in the thesis are spelled perfectly coincide (including one-byte/half-byte, marks, spaces, subscript/superscript numbers, and the Japanese translation).
*The final version of theses will be kept in the Science Library. In order to change the title of the thesis from one listed on the schedule, a “Title Change Form” must be submitted by 10th August.

Thesis Format;
・A4 size / duplex printing
・Flat file (green / A4S)
・Left side bound, the title and your name must be printed on the cover, the spine and the first page.
・The title on the cover and the first page must be written both in Japanese and English.
・The order of putting the title is;
-If the thesis is in English, the Japanese title comes in a new line with brackets "()".
-If the thesis is in Japanese, put the English title in a new line with brackets "()".
・On the spine, the title must be written in the same language as the text of the thesis.
・The Graduate School of Science is requiring the title of your thesis in both Japanese and English; the language you do not use in the text must be also written in brackets "()". *Modification of the thesis format from students to complete in March 2021.

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論文を書く言語の申告/The language of your Master's thesis (Japanese / English)


In accordance to the decision with your academic supervisor, send us the information in which language (Japanese/English) you write your thesis, by Mon, 17 May.
Visit the Forms URL with your UTokyo account.

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博士課程進学を希望する学生/Students who intend to go on to doctoral programs

(送信日:2021年4月**日 **:** / タイトル:Application for Matriculation (Doctoral Program))
出願期間 2021年5月1日(土)~5月31日(月)
出願先 メール本文に記載
* 出願期間を過ぎた願書は一切受理されません。

Application is required even if you are a Master's student of the Dept. of Physics, willing to go on to the doctoral program.
An email has already been sent to eligible students.
(Emailed on 2021年4月27日 13:34 / Title:Application for Matriculation (Doctoral Program)
Application Period: May 1 (Sat.) ~ May 31 (Mon.)
Submission to: please refer to the email of April 27.
*No application is accepted after the deadline.
Thesis defense also serves as the doctoral admissions.

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「学位記記載事項確認表」の配布/Confirmation of the "Diploma Registration Certificate"

*7月7日に、対象者に個別のメールを送信しました。On July 7, we sent out individual emails to the concerned students.

Deadline: Wednesday, 21 July, 2021

 - ファイル名: 受領したファイル名から変更しないでください。
 - アップロード先:  https://sendfile.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/public/3LAcgAAI1A4AaCABrxB6xENg4XuUNY7tPPH2ZD0Ohe45

The opening password of the attached confirmation form is the 10-digit number of your UTokyo account.
Please fill it out, sign it, and submit it to PAAO by Wednesday, 21 July.
To submit a scanned copy, please make sure it is as follows;
 - File name should NOT be changed from the attached one.
 - Upload URL:    https://sendfile.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/public/3LAcgAAI1A4AaCABrxB6xENg4XuUNY7tPPH2ZD0Ohe45
We also accept it in printed form.

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「進路状況調査」の回答/Exit survey of post-graduation plans

Deadline: Thursday, 12 August, 2021

Please fill in the survey form below and submit it in hard copy together with the final version of your bound paper to PAAO by Thursday 12 August.

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修士論文審査会 発表スケジュール/Master's thesis defense schedule

The schedule will be announced around mid-June as fixed.

Defense period (TBF) : July 6 (Tue.) ~ August 6 (Fri.), 2021

2021.6.7 審査会スケジュールをメールでお知らせしました。The schedule was announced by email.
    If you have any changes in the title of your thesis, you must submit a title change form to PAAO by 10 August.

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学位記授与式/Diploma Presentation Ceremony

学位授与日:2021年9月24日(金)Date: September 24 (Fri.), 2021
1)東京大学 学位記授与式 / The University of Tokyo Diploma Presentation Ceremony
2)理学系研究科 学位記伝達式/Ceremony for the Commencement of the Graduate School of Science (GSS)
* 理学系研究科の修士学位記伝達式は開催されません。The master's degree conferment ceremony of the Graduate School of Science will not be held. (Added on 30 July)
* 学生証を回収します。ご持参ください。
All student ID cards will be collected. Please make sure to bring your card with you.
* 詳細は決まり次第、掲載します。
The details will be announced as fixed.

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* 修了式における式服(アカデミックガウン)

* Academic gown for University's ceremony
Outline and how-to dress academic gowns (UT website)
Rental/Purchase procedure (UT co-op website)
〔Contact Information〕
UTokyo co-op store No.2 (Hongo)

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