ENS-UT Workshop & Special Lectures on Physics            Workshop:2019/11/25-26                        Special Lectures: 2019/11/27-29

イベント 2019/11/20

ENS-UT  Workshop & Special Lectures on Physics

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the international workshop on physics between Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), Paris, and the University of Tokyo (UTokyo).
This annual event was initiated in 2013 to promote exchanges of researchers and students between the two institutions and enhance international collaborations.
This year, we start a new trial of having Special Lectures by distinguished professors.
We hope many of you will attend this workshop and find this event very fruitful.

ENS-UT Workshop
 ◆November 25,2019,  9:30 - 18:00
    November 26,2019, 10:00 - 15:45
 ◆Room1320(Science bld.No.4), UTokyo Hongo Campus
 ◆Abstract : here  

ENS-UT Special Lectures on Physics
◆November 27-29,2019
   -Nov.27,28 : Room207(Science bld.No.1), UTokyo Hongo Campus
   -Nov.29 : Room201b(Science bld.No.1), UTokyo Hongo Campus
◆Lecture Slides (for internal use): here

 11月27-29日にフランスEcole normale superieure(ENS)物理学科と東大物理系専攻との共催ウィンタースクールを開催します。
事前参加登録は不要です。興味のある方は奮って参加してください。 尚、単位のつく講義ではありません。
Special Lectures on Physics by the Ecole normale superieure (ENS) at Paris and UTokyo are scheduled on
Nov.27-29 at Science building No.1.
Pre-registration is not necessary. Your attendance is welcome.

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