H30年度 大学院カリキュラム /AY2018 Curriculum for Graduate Students

時間割/Class Timetable
 理学部日程/Graduate School Course Information
 研究倫理 / Research Ethics
 単位互換/ Credit Transfer
 理学クラスター講義 (研究科共通科目)/Science Cluster Lecture (A common subject of School of Science)
開講期間/Academic calender
履修登録/Course Registration

時間割/Class Timetable

大学院時間割 / Curriculum for Graduate course
※集中講義も時間割に掲載されています 11/22更新

提出書類: 「集中講義履修届」 ※受講については指導教員に確認をとること(自署・押印は必要なし)

[Registration of Intensive course]
○Course Registration within Registration Period (Common for All Students): Students must register
the courses to take during the designated registration period and in such a manner as instructed by the affiliated departement.
Course Registration outside Registration Period (For Students of Graduate School of Science only)

Document to submit : "The Course Registration form" .
※Please make sure to obtain a confirmation from your academic supervisor prior to your course registration.
(Signature or Seal of your academic supervisor is not necessary.)
Submission Deadline: By 17:00 one day before the first class of Intensive Course starts.
Submission should be made to: Graduate School Office, Rm#275, 2st Fl.,
Faculty of Science Bldg.1
※Submission is also accepted by post. However, it must arrive by the above deadline.
※Please note that Submission Deadline shall be 17:00 of the most recent weekday in case
the date of the first class falls on Monday or the first day after the holiday.

○シラバス/ Syllabus:Utas   
 ※ 授業カタログは学外者向けのサイト
    /"Online course catalog" is for non enrollment student of UTokyo.

○理学部日程/Graduate School Course Information
こちらより確認/See the link here

○研究倫理/Research Ethics
こちらより確認/ See the link here

○単位互換/ Credit Transfer 
(お茶の水女子大学・総合研究大学院大学・東京工業大学) /(Ochanomizu Women's University, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies and Tokyo Institute of Technology)

○理学クラスター講義 (研究科共通科目)/Science Cluster Lecture (A common subject of School of Science)
こちらより確認/See the link here
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開講期間/Academic calender 

授業日:4月 5日(木) ~  7月30日(月)
Class term:April 5 (Thu) - July 30 (月)
試験・補講期間 :7月17日(火) ~  7月30日(月)
Make-up classes and exams:July 17 (Tue.) - June 30 (Mon.)

授業日:9月25日(火) ~ 1月25日(金)
Class term:Sep. 25 (Tue.) - Jan. 25 (Fri.)
試験・補講期間:1月15日(火)  ~ 01月25日(金)
Make-up classes and exams:Jan. 15 (Tue.) - Jan 25(Fri.)

[授業休止日/Dates of No Classes ]
4月12日(木) 全日:東京大学記念日
April 12 (Thu.) All day : Graduate School Entrance Ceremony
5月18日(金) 全日:五月祭(準備)
May 18 (Fri) All day : Preparation for Gogatsusai (May Festival)
5月14日(月) 午後:理学部交歓会(小石川植物園)
May 14 (Mon) Afternoon : Assembly of Graduate School of Science
1月18日(金)  全日:センター試験準備
Jan. 18 (Fri) All day : Preparation for the National Center Test for University Admissions 

[振替日/Make up days]
Nov. 8(Thu.): Monday classes will be conducted instead of Thursday classes.
Dec. 25(Tue.) : Friday classes will be conducted instead of Tuesday classes.
Dec. 26(Wed.) : Monday classes will be conducted instead of Wednesday classes.
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履修登録/Course Registration
Sセメスター/S semester
Aセメスター/A semester
※ 最新情報は学生向けお知らせのページで確認 / Also see for Students for the latest information 

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M1、D1入学ガイダンス(D1進学者を除く)/ Guidance for new graduate student
物理学教室 ビアパーティー

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