各種届出書類・証明書発行/Issuance of Various Official Documents/Certificates

通学定期乗車券/Student Commuter Pass

担当:理学部1号館2階275号室 学生支援チーム
Contact: Student Support Team, 2F,  Faculty of Science Building 1 )

When purchasing a student commuter pass at student discount rate, you need to bring a "Student Commuter Certificate".

Change of Address: Please bring the current "Student Commuter Certificate" to the counter of Physics Academic Affairs Office and take a necessary procedure.
For Students of Kashiwa and Komaba Campus: Please replace a copy of "Student Commuter Pass for Hongo" with the one for Kashiwa and Komaba.

For Students of KEK and JAXA:  "Request for Issuance of  Commuting to School Certificate" will be provided at the counter.
If you lost "Student Commuter Certificate" :  Please report to the counter.

理学部・理学系専攻発行の証明書/Certificates issued by Faculty of Science ・Graduate School of Science  
Transcript of Results, Certificate of Student Status, Graduation Certificate and etc.

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東京大学理学部・理学系のページへ/See the link of here(Website of School of Science, the University of Tokyo)

海外渡航に関する届出書類Notification documents related to Overseas Travel
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・大学院生  東京大学理学部・理学系のページへ/To Website of School of Science, the University of Tokyo
・学部生     こちらから
※Please pay attention to your travel period when travelling more than two months:  in case your return date is same as the day before your departing date in the month after the next,  your travel shall  be counted as a long-term travel.  
e.g. 渡航期間が10月15日~12月14日の場合は長期渡航になります。
e.g. If your travel period is from October 15 to December 14, it shall be regarded as a long-term travel.
※If an overseas travel is supported by Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research as  ” financial sources or parties to bear travel expenses and cost of staying", please make sure to describe research categories and the number of research task. 
※In case a JSPS special researcher travels overseas for more than 28 days, please visit Graduate School of Science Office and ask them to affix  the seal of Dean of  the Graduate School of Science on " Notification of Overseas Travel" (in the designated form of JSPS) and take the necessary procedure at JSPS. 

※In addition to the above, International Students should submit the following document.

Graduate・Undergraduate Students
Notification of Overseas Travel travel to mother country for temporary visit
Please receive a notification form at International Liason Office (ILO #278)

【Graduate Students】Please bring a notification form affixed with a seal of your academic supervisor to Physics Academic Affairs Office.  After a verification at our office, it should eventually be submitted  to Office of Graduate School of Science. (#275 Faculty of Science Building 1)
【学 部 生】記入後、物理教務にお持ちください。 その後、理学部教務担当(理学部1号館275号室)に提出してもらいます。
【Undergraduate Students】Please bring a notification form once you  have filled it out.    After a verification at our office, it should eventually be submitted  to Office of Graduate School of Science. (#275 Faculty of Science Building 1)

※ 海外渡航危機管理ガイドブックも確認してください。
※ Please also refer to Crisis Management Guidebook for Overseas Travel.

在学延長・休学・退学等に関する書式 Notification Formats for Extension of Enrollment Period ・Temporary Absense・Withdrawal and etc.

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次の書類は東京大学理学部・理学系のページへ/To download following documents, see the link of here(Website of School of Science, the University of Tokyo)

大学院生 For Graduate Students

退学願・在学期間延長届 修士課程 (Master's Program)博士課程 (Doctoral Program)
Request for Withdrawal ・Notification of Extension of Enrollment Period

※Request for Withdrawal needs to be submitted even after the expiration of term of enrollment 
(3 years for Master's Program and 5 years for Doctral Program) 
※In case the withdrawal is due to an enployment, please specify the workplace and the type of job.

Request for Resumption of Studies
※If leave of absence is due to sickness, a medical certificate proving the recovery needs to be submitted.

博士後期課程の学生を対象とした単位移行Transfer of Credits for Doctoral Program Students


※ 指導教員の押印が必要です
※ 科目番号が不明な場合は、物理教務事務室で過去の便覧、履修案内にて確認可能です。


It is possible that credits of graduate school subjects excessively earned in Master's program can be transferred as credits earned
in Doctoral program. 
a transcript of academic results at Master's program.
※ It can be issued by the automatic issuing machine. (If you lost your password, please contact Graduate School Office (#275)
fill out Notification of Transfer of Credits  
※ You need to obtain a seal of your academic supervisor.
※ If you do not know the course codes, please refer to  School of Science Handbook and Graduate School Course Information provided in Physics Academic Affairs Office.

Physics Academic Affairs Office


Other Notifications

【大学院】 改姓名届,学生証再発行願など
【Graduate School】Notification of Change of Name, Request for Reissue of Student ID Card and etc.